Balanced Online Entertainment System for Underaged Users

Tencent is committed to ensuring underaged users play games in a healthy and balanced way. We are always exploring new methods to strengthen existing protections and build new safeguards for our young users through our Balanced Online Entertainment System, from "pre-game" (Parental Guardian Platform), "in-game" (Healthy Gameplay System) to "post-game" (Payment Notification and Online Consultation System). In 2019, we introduced access verification measures such as the "16+" pilot to test and optimize our underage protection initiatives.

Our Parental Guardian Platform, launched in Feb 2017, is the first solution developed for parents in China. After binding to underaged children's game accounts, parents can manage children's play time and spending habits through alerts, queries and settings.

Healthy Gameplay System was introduced in 2017 to limit the game time of underaged users. Users under the age of 13 are limited to one hour of play time per day, and not between the hours of 21:00 to 8:00 the other day. Users aged 13 or above are restricted to two hours of play time per day. In September 2018, the system was upgraded to include real-name verification and facial recognition, as well as other technologies and functions.

Also, to prevent underaged users from carrying out inappropriate in-game consumption, we introduced a Payment Notification and Online Consultation System in June 2018, along with a customer service hotline for suspicious consumption alerts and complaints for underaged users. Free counselling services are provided to families in need.